Drop ins

A reminder that ASHA will be closed on Thursday 17th March for staff training. There will be no drop in.

We will be holding our normal drop in on Wednesday 16th March – please come early as we can only see 20 clients (including 5 new clients).

We’re back to normal the week beginning 21 March 2016 and then shut for the whole week beginning 28 March 2016.

From the week beginning 6 April 2016 we will only see the first 15 clients at drop in on Wednesday and Thursday (between 9:30 and 12:30). We will always see people who need urgent support to submit an asylum support appeal.



As has been argued previously on GeoCurrents, the commonplace notion that the world is starkly divided between a prosperous and powerful “global north” and an impoverished and underdeveloped “global south” (with Australia and New Zealand forming southern outposts of the north) receives little support from world maps of socio-economic development. As can be seen in the state-based map of per capita GDP (PPP) posted below, the so-called global south is a diverse zone, containing relatively wealthy as well as extremely poor countries.

Machine Speaks to Rafiki Kamosi