Robert must stay – a right to be Gay!

Robert Kityo is a gay man from Uganda who is seeking sanctuary in the UK due to the treatment of LGBT people by the homophobic regime in Uganda. The Home Office believe he can live discretely in Uganda despite him being an out and proud member of Manchester’s LGBT community.

robert gay pride

On 5th October 2015 the Home Office were given a huge bundle containing details of Robert’s community involvement, legal arguments and witness statements from many people – including the Anglican Bishop of Manchester. The Home Office don’t think that Robert is openly gay so would not be at risk on return to Uganda!

The Home Office made their decision two days after the representations were submitted, but didn’t inform his solicitors so they could make further representations. They served the decision on Robert on 10th November 2015 (nearly five weeks later) before detaining him. He was taken to Pennine House at Manchester Airport, but has now been released after the Home Office admitted they had not given anxious scrutiny to his case.

Now we are waiting to see if they will grant him asylum or if they will re-issue a refusal but with leave to appeal to a court.

Robert is very encouraged by all the support he has received – if you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition to the Home Secretary:

We are a few signatures short of 5,000 people!


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