Robert must stay – a right to be Gay!

LGBT Asylum – Urgent Action

Robert Kityo – detained on 10th November


Robert Kityo, is a young gay man from Uganda who is seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom due to the homophobic Ugandan regime’s treatment of LGBT people.

The Home Office believe Robert can live discreetly in Uganda despite his being an out and proud member of Manchester’s LGBT community.

For the last two years Robert has been an active and very visible member of the LGBT community in Manchester. He’s been:

  • A volunteer for the LGBT Foundation – helping staff two Pride festivals, volunteering in the office and even being a model in some literature on gay men’s health.
  • He is a member of the city’s LGBT Metropolitan Congregation of the United Reformed Church.
  • He is active in a group for black LGBT people, Rainbow Noir.
  • He has helped produce programmes for Gaydio – the city’s LGBT radio station.
  • And he is involved in a variety of projects for LGBT people in Salford.

Robert is also a regular volunteer at ASHA and gives up his time each Monday to help other asylum seekers who are homeless and destitute.

The Home Office were given a huge bundle containing details of Robert’s community involvement, legal arguments and witness statements from many people – including the Anglican Bishop of Manchester – yet they don’t think there is enough material to put before a judge!

The Home Office don’t think that Robert is openly gay so would not be at risk on return to Uganda! A glance at his Facebook page shows how ridiculous this argument is.

Worse, the Home Office made their decision on his recent Fresh Claim on 8th October but didn’t inform Robert or his solicitors so they could make representations. Instead, they served the decision on Robert yesterday, 10th November, before detaining him. They are now preparing to remove him from the UK and return him to the homophobic hell which is Uganda.

Robert’s lawyers are making legal moves to compel the Home Office to reconsider or, at the very least, to refer the matter to the courts where an impartial decision can be made and where Robert’s many friends and supporters will be able to give evidence on his behalf.


In these early stages of this campaign, we are seeking signatures for a petition to the Home Secretary:

asking her to both accept Robert’s submissions as a Fresh Claim for Asylum (which gives him the right to appeal to a court) and to grant him asylum in the UK.

Please sign the petition and help Robert seek justice and find stability and security in the UK.


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