Still Time to Respond to Asylum Support Proposals

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At a time when public opinion sits firmly in opposition to the government’s, thus far, lack of compassion and action towards those fleeing war zones such as Syria, it is important to highlight that the government wishes to close off asylum support for families when they become appeal rights exhausted and remove support entirely for certain migrants who are faced with destitution during the immigration process.

There is still time to respond to the proposed changes to asylum support. The proposals can be found by clicking here. The deadline to respond is noon on 9 September 2015 and responses should be emailed to

Click on the organisations below to read their responses to the proposals :

Asylum Support Appeals Project

Still Human Still Here 


One thought on “Still Time to Respond to Asylum Support Proposals

  1. Thanks Maria – it would help those of us with busy lives like yourself (almost everyone) if there was a draft response we could copy and adapt, I just don’t have time to read it then digest it and then craft an email.

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