Please sign the Fairness not Fares petition

A new Home Office rule, coming into force on 30 March 2015, will force asylum seekers to travel to Liverpool if they want to submit new evidence for their case. What’s more, there won’t be any help for those who can’t afford the journey.

The system for submitting further representations, which has been on hold since January, will now be mandatory for all refused asylum seekers to submit representations in person at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool. This requirement applies regardless of when they originally applied for asylum. An appointment system will be in operation and travel expenses will not be provided by the Home Office. See UKVI letter 18/3/15


Refugee Action have launched a campaign about this issue called Fairness not Fares. Please sign the petition which can be accessed via the Refugee Action website


One thought on “Please sign the Fairness not Fares petition

  1. May ASHA check whether Refugee Action is helping with fresh claims given they say they need to fund many clients to travel to Liverpool. Submitting fresh claims both legally and practically is probably the greatest problem as an ASHA volunteer I can identify. Would be a real boon if R A is effectively able to assist. Paul Morris


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