Change to Further Submissions process

The Home Office have announced a change to the further submissions process, which is likely to have a huge impact on our clients.


From 26 January 2015 all further submissions (applications for leave to remain on asylum or human rights grounds made by refused asylum seekers) must be submitted in person at the Further Submission Unit (FSU) in Liverpool.

Current policy allows people whose initial asylum claims were made after 5 March 2007 to lodge their further submissions at their local reporting centre. However, under the new process reporting centres will no longer accept further submissions and all applicants will be directed to the FSU. No travel expenses will be provided. The attached letter, Further Submissions Letter, from the Home Office to members of the National Asylum Support Forum, describes and attempts to justify these changes.

No doubt the cost of the journey will prove to be an insurmountable barrier for many of our clients wishing to submit further asylum and human rights claims.


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