Save legal aid – access to justice for all

Join Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry and support the campaign launched by the Justice Alliance against cuts to legal aid.

justice esol group

Access to legal aid and advice services have been massively reduced by this government and there are now proposals to shut the door on even more people in need of legal support.

This will be devastating for many, with half of all women experiencing domestic violence no longer eligible for legal aid and vulnerable individuals, including victims of trafficking and violent offences unable to access vital advice.

Quite simply, the government’s changes to legal aid will put justice out of reach for ordinary people!

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Many of the changes proposed have been criticised by Parliament’s human rights committee and if implemented will lead to an even less equal society where those with wealth and power have an unfair advantage before the law.

Individually, it’s difficult to tackle the onslaught of issues we’re facing, but together we can make a real difference and be a force for change.

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The Justice Alliance campaign is to promote this petition to save legal aid

Here’s how to take part:

You can see all the photos here:

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2 thoughts on “Save legal aid – access to justice for all

  1. Hi, Well done for all these. Assume you have had info from me re 16th June magna Carta defend legal aid event in Manchester -good if you can encourage ASHA people to come. Margaret

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