No increase in asylum support rates

In a written Ministerial Statement dated 6 June 2013 the Minister for Immigration (Mr Mark Harper) advised: “The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 enables the Home Office to support asylum seekers while their application to remain in the UK is determined, and some failed asylum seekers who temporarily are unable to return home. Under these arrangements we provide the claimant and any family members with free fully furnished and equipped housing with no bills to pay, as well as modest rates of financial support to meet their essential day to day living needs.

I have carefully considered whether those rates of financial support are adequate for the purpose set by Parliament, which is to meet the essential living needs of those asylum seekers and their dependants who would otherwise be destitute. I have concluded that they are, and so I am announcing today that the rates will be frozen for the current year.”

This means that a single asylum seeker aged over 25 receives £36.62 in cash per week (asylum seeker under Section 95) and £35.39 on a payment card per week (refused asylum seeker under Section 4).

The asylum support rates can be accessed from the following link: Asylum Support Rates


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