Launch of ASHA film “Refusing the Refused”

Invitation to launch event at 6pm on Thursday 6 June 2013 at Z-arts, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester M15 5ZA. A short film created for ASHA (Asylum Support Housing Advice) from footage of a training workshop on Asylum Destitution Awareness on 22nd February 2013, a Virtual Migrants production by Kooj Chuhan.refusingtherefusedDestitution effectively means poverty and mental suffering at a chronic level, and this workshop involved a range of strong and emotive presentations and dialogues on the experience of destitution among people seeking asylum, the legal and wider political framework for this, and what kinds of support and action can be possible.

ASHA helps asylum seekers whose applications have been refused and fully determined, and whose status renders them homeless and destitute.

The event also includes an exhibition of photography and texts by Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, and an exhibition of paintings by Elizabeth Kwant, titled “Tracing Presence”, developed during her Artist’s in Residence with the Boaz Trust.

To see the video, please CLICK HERE

Please also check out Virtual Migrants website at


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